We acquired our first Pharoh Hound, "Fuji" in March of 2002. We had been researching breeds for some time and were charmed by the elegant beauty and uniqueness of the Pharaoh Hound. But it was the same old story--we had no interest in showing and just wanted a companion to share our home with. Our breeder Lori Evans just asked that we would consider it "some day".

     In December of that year Lori asked me to bring Fuji to a show in Lehigh Valley, PA. My cousin and I hopped in our truck and made the long trek out! I had my doubts about Fuji being able to show because she had always been a bit on the shy side. But in the skilled hands of handler Joe Buchanan she looked gorgeous! I was surprised at how exciting the whole showing thing was. I took a handling class and have been showing Fuji on and off since then. I've definitely been "bit by the bug".

     At several shows we had run into a dog named XO Gold Card that was often Fuji's competition. I knew she was from the same breeder as Fuji, in fact the dogs share the same father, and their mother are sisters! My husband and I were always amused by Goldie's antics at shows--she was the polar opposite of Fuji, and quite the little goofy showoff.

     It was fate that when Goldie's family could not keep her that she would join our family. Goldie finished her AKC Championship in January of this year. We are very proud at how far she's come since she joined our household. She was predominantly shown by Diane Small of Hamburg, NY, who also helps handle Fuji at some shows. We are very grateful for all of her help.

     All of our Pharaohs live indoors and are considered members of our family. We also share our home with 4 cats, who cohabitate in peace with our Pharaohs!

     We never thought we would become this involved with Pharaoh Hounds. My husband and I have gained an unbelievable love for our dogs and this breed in general. We're still learning and look forward to a long future with these wonderful dogs.

     Starchild Hounds is located in Colden, NY, just south of Buffalo.
We are Sarah and Darren Heimburg.

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