November 2012
»Cairo Cairo Became only the 2nd PH to earn his UKC Altered Champion title and the 3rd ever to earn an Altered BIS! He is now AKC BIF FC, UKC ABIMBS Alt Ch. Starchild's Golden Delicious SC.  Plus, with limited coursing this year he has picked up some more LCX points.


April 2012
»Aphina isGrand Champion andCanadian Champion !
Post by Janelle: This was just too cute! Sunday is laundry day in my houseand Cairo always makes a beeline towards the whites when they come out of the dryer. Today I started to fold and got through everything but the socks. I turned away for all of 30 seconds to put clothes away and Cairo jumps up on the bed, gathers the socks to him and curls up on top of them! :) Such a cutie!!
April 2012
»Cairo (BIF FC Starchild's Golden Delicious SC) finished 2011 as the #7 nationally ranked PH running in LGRA (straight racing) and he finished as the #20 nationally ranked PH running in AKC lure coursing!! Two big accomplishments for this guy!
July 2011
»Cairo (Starchild's Golden Delicious SC) has beenvery successful with his lure coursing the past couple weeks. He is now sitting at 15 pts with one major. Just need that elusive 2nd major to finish him.
»Just a cute Sutekh basking in the sun picture :) !
» Picture of the brothers - Anubis and Cairo - sharing a cushion on the deck, enjoying the afternoon sun. They are truly brothers as they are fairly inseparable :).
Rebel, Cairo, Emerson and Anubis - with proud owners.
January 2011
»Pics from Nahla's Birthday !

»Amazing pictures of Nahla and her deer friend, Sonny!

»Also new pic of Our sweetFuji.
»New photos of Mira !

»I’m writing to wish a very Happy Birthday to Mira,Freya, Nahla, Aphina,Dylan, Kinnick, Osiris,Rousseau andSutekh! I hope you had a wonderful day and please tell your Mommies and Daddies to send some updated photos !!!
»Snow pics of Cairo, Anubis, and little brother Emerson :) ! Full album here.
»A cozy picture of part of the Olsen family!

»Aphina (Starchild China Girl) is now a Champion !!!!

And more photos :) !Osiris !

»Welcome 2011 :) !


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