April 29, 2009
Nahla (Starchild’s The Jean Genie) with her brothers and sisters!

Left to right: Blue, Cooper, Nahla and Kyra :)
April 23, 2009
KinnickPhoto of Kinnick (Starchild’s Buddha of Suburbia) and also photos of Mira (Starchild’s Sound and Vision) :) !!!
April 21, 2009
New Kiya's (CKC Ch Starchild's Red Spy at Osiris) photo :) !
April 14, 2009
Freya (Starchild’s Lady Stardust of Bowmak) !
And also our little Mira (Starchild’s Sound and Vision) !
April 9, 2009
Freya, saying "I'm a smart cookie" :) !Freya (Starchild’s Lady Stardust of Bowmak) saying "I'm a smart cookie" :) !

April 8, 2009
Some great new photos of 'Sutekh' (Starchild’s Young Americans) and his buddy Orion :) !
April 7, 2009
New Aphina's (Starchild’s China Girl) lovely photo :) !

April 3, 2009
New Kiya's (CKC Ch Starchild's Red Spy at Osiris) photos :) !

New photo also of little 'Sutekh's' (Starchild’s Young Americans) with his new big brother, Orion :) !


March 25, 2009
Mira - Starchild’s Sound and VisionMira - Starchild’s Sound and VisionNew Mira (Starchild’s Sound and Vision) Aphina - Starchild’s China Girland Aphina's (Starchild’s China Girl) photos :) !


March 23/24, 2009
New Rousseau's (Starchild’s Suffragette City) photos :) !
March 18, 2009
New Skooli's (Starchild's Braeburn) photos :) !
March 17, 2009
New Freya's (Starchild’s Lady Stardust of Bowmak) photos :), with her big brother Spartan (
Starchild's Empire at Bowmak) !


March 10, 2009
New Hari's (CKC Ch
Starchild's Red Spy at Osiris) photos with her new best friend Faye !

March 4, 2009
We did a Temperament test yesterday with all the kiddos, who are now 7 weeks old already!

So click the link to a little videos I took, set Blue Boyto music I thought was appropriate :) !

It was so fun and really interesting. The big surprise for me were many pups who showed a strong retrieving instinct!

Anyhow, afterwards everybody got to run around like maniacs which was great since they haven't gotten to be outside (15 degrees yuck).

February 25, 2009 - Our First Champion !!!
We are proud to announce that Hari is now
CKC Champion Starchild's Red Spy at Osiris ! Big thanks to Kathy and Brittany Carella for letting us use their boy Brodie and for making Hari's CH happen!
February 18+19, 2009
New puppy photos added ! age 5 weeks.
Their personal pages added also.
Girls - Purple, Magenta, Yellow, Pink
Boys - Red, Black, Blue, Orange, Green

Goldie and Mellon's babies have arrived ! 5 boys and 4 girls were whelped on January 12, 2009. We are taking reservations now for pet, show and performance homes.
Spartan is a HERO !!!
Click to read it larger !

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