December 1, 2010
» New Skooli picture !
» Photos of Cairo running. He now is halfway toward his JOR title and has started earning points toward his GRC title!

October 17, 2010
» A Very Happy 3rd Birthday to the Apple Litter: Cairo, Anubis, Skooli, Spartan, Kiya and Gala! Here’s to many, many more!
October 5, 2010
» New photos of Gala!
» Kinnick is now a Junior Courser !


» Cairo in Blue and Anubis in red, trying out straight racing!


September 21, 2010
» Some new coursing photos … this one is Anubis ! And Cairo :) /in blue/ !


August 17, 2010
» Cairo and Anubis are Senior Coursers !! Cairo also earned 3 more points towards his FC title. Well and it is offical, Anubis now has a suffix after his name !!! From now on he is Starchild's Newton Pippin, HIC.

» Sutekh and his BFF, Orion :) !

» Kinnick (Ch Starchild's Buddha of Suburbia)  went WD/BOW to finish his AKC Championship with his fourth major at the PHCA Supported entry in Chatham, NY. We are so proud of this boy and owners Kayla and Lawyer for training him and helping him accomplish this!!

» New photos of Kiya and her family in the mountains!


May 12, 2010
» Aphina was WB/BOS for another point !
» 05/02/2010: Kinnick went to his first coursing practice and loved it! I think we’ll be seeing more of this boy on the field.


March 16, 2010
» Aphina (Starchild’s China Girl) was Winner’s Bitch for 2 more points at the Seattle Kennel Club show on March 13th!
The judge was Jeannette McGinnis. Way to go Aphina!
February 26, 2010
Kinnick (Starchild's Buddha of Suburbia) went WD/BOW for his 3rd major!!! The show was First Company Governor’s Foot Guard Athletic Association, 02/21/2010. Judge was Ralph “Sonny” Ambrosio. Kinnick was Reserve Winner’s Dog to the major on 02/20/2010.
January 2010
» Aphina (Starchild’s China Girl) went WB and BOB for her first point. The show was Tacoma Kennel Club and the judge was Mrs. Gloria Geringer. Yeah Aphina and Marta!!

» New hiking photos from Anubis & Cairo !


January 14, 2010
» Happy First Birthday (belated) to Mira and her littermates !
» New Kinnick's photos :) !


And more Christmas pictures from Cairo and Anubis !

Here’s Kiya and her pals getting a head start on Christmas!

December 11, 2009
» 12/05/09: Aphina (Starchild’s China Girl), went RWB to a major at the Greater Clark Kennel Club show !!! Here’s Aphina showing the smile she got from her mama!

» New Nahla's (Starchild's The Jean Genie) photos :) !

December 4, 2009
» New photos of Dylan (Starchild's Ziggy Stardust) !

November 21, 2009
» New Kiya's (CKC Ch Starchild's Red Spy at Osiris) photos :) !

October 30, 2009
» New photos of Osiris (Starchild's Future Legend) !!!
» Also new photos of Aphina (Starchild’s China Girl) and her sister Dashka :).
October 19, 2009
» Happy 2nd Birthday to the Apple Kids: Gala, Spartan, Cairo, Anubis, Skooli and Kiya :) !

Cairo and Anubis / Goldie, Mira and Gala :)

September 14, 2009
» Aphina (Starchild’s China Girl) and Marta :) !
September 4, 2009
» Cairo and Anubis getting ready for a hike!

August 30, 2009
» Sunday, August 30: Mira (Starchild’s Sound and Vision) went WB and BOB for her first point under judge Rita Bell at the Tonawanda Valley Kennel Club. Gala (Starchild's Imperial Gala) was Reserve WB.
Saturday, August 29: Gala went WB and BOB for 1 point under judge Patricia Murphy at the Tonawanda Valley Kennel Club.
Mira was Reserve WB.
August 18, 2009
» Kinnick (Starchild's Buddha of Suburbia) was Winner’s Dog for a 3 pt major today in Fitchburg, MA at his VERY FIRST SHOW! We are very proud of him. The judge was Mr. Gunnar Nymann. Picture to follow…
» Another major for Kinnick! He was Winner’s Dog and Best of Winner’s for his second major under judge Robert Indeglia. We are thrilled by his awesome debut!!
August 6, 2009
Mira - 6 months old» Mira (Starchild’s Sound and Vision) 6 months old :)
» Aphina (Starchild’s China Girl) attended her first show, the Western Washington Hound Association show. She was BSW for Pharaohs and Reserve Winner’s Bitch !
July 28, 2009
Miss Aphina (Starchild’s China Girl), lounging and looking regal !
July 21, 2009
Nahla (Starchild's The Jean Genie), living the good life!

July 14, 2009
» New photos of the handsome Rousseau (Starchild's Suffragette City) !

» New pretty photos of Aphina (Starchild’s China Girl) !

» New cute photos of Sutekh (Starchild's Young Americans) !

July 08, 2009
     We took Mira to a Fourth of July parade. I thought maybe it would be too much (loud marching bands, bagpipes, fire engines honking their horns, etc.) for her, but she did awesome! She got lots of attention (every other float someone would yell, what kind of dog is that?) and loads of people gave her treats and petted her. I was really happy with how relaxed and curious she was about everything.
     She did spook a few horses that went by I was thinking she would be a little nervous about them but it was the other way around !!
June 22, 2009
Sunday morning :) ... Aphina (Starchild’s China Girl) with pals Gosha and Dashka !

June 21, 2009
Little Dylan (Starchild's Ziggy Stardust) :) !!!

June 17, 2009
And new photos of Kinnick (Starchild's Buddha of Suburbia) :) ! Full collection at his page, here :) !
Also Mira (Starchild's Sound and Vision) :) !

June 16, 2009
Here are photos from a play date with Cairo, Anubis and little Aphina, who all live in Washington state ! Looks like they had a blast :) !


June 15, 2009
New photos of Osiris (Starchild’s Future Legend) :) !
June 11, 2009
New Kiya's (CKC Ch Starchild's Red Spy at Osiris) photos :) !

June 09, 2009
The girl that loves to pose ... :) Aphina (Starchild’s China Girl) !


May 24, 2009
Goldie and Her "Mini-Me"
(Starchild’s Sound and Vision) :) !

And little Aphina (Starchild’s China Girl) in her fancy new sweater, and snoozing :o) !

May 12, 2009
New photo of 'Sutekh' (Starchild’s Young Americans) snoozing :o) !
May 11, 2009
Happy Belated 6th Birthday to Goldie and all her siblings !
May 7, 2009
New Aphina's (Starchild’s China Girl) lovely photo :) !
May 5, 2009
New Goldie's (Am/Can Ch XO Gold Card) photo :) !

May 2, 2009
» Fuji (Ch XO Fuji JC) picked up 2 more points toward her Canadian Championship this weekend !
» New Cairo (Starchild's Golden Delicious) and Anubis' (Starchild's Newton Pippin) photos :) ! Much more at their personal pages, click the photos !



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